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    Egyptian Cotton and promotional Products

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Long regarded as the finest cotton in the world, Egyptian cotton is known for its softness, strength and superior manufacturing qualities for a wide range of applications such as the towels, linen and bags that we offer here at Rimo Promo. You only need to feel and compare Egyptian cotton to regular cotton to understand the difference, and the strength and longevity of the textile will be revealed over time. We have a wide range of Egyptian cotton and other promotional products including the following -


The higher thread count made possible by Egyptian cottons longer fibre staple results in an end product that is softer and more luxurious whilst possessing excellent absorbency. If you have ever stayed in a higher end hotel and wondered how and why the towels were so different from regular cotton towels, look no further than the high quality Egyptian cotton towels available from Rimo Promo.

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Benefitting from the higher thread count and unique characteristics in much the same way as the towels, Egyptian cotton produces far superior linen. Breathable in summer and insulating in the winter, you will feel the difference a night’s sleep in an Egyptian cotton makes. The increased durability and softness permitted by the superior textile is made obvious over time as the linen is less susceptible to producing lint and piling.

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Our calendars provide an excellent christmas gift to give to business partners. A stylish way to create an ongoing promotion and reminder about your business for those you give them to.


The classic company promotional item. We understand the importance of gifting a pen that the receiver likes and will continue to use, that's why we've partnered with BIC, the international standard for pens.

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Whether it's a thermos, drink bottle or mug, we have an array of products perfect for the company or team that wants something a bit different from the usual company pen.

USB's & Technology

A modern and useful gift for any company to give. We've found this to be a really popular seller as employers look to give out useful items that people are grateful to receive.

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Construction Supply

A unique set of construction items for companies that want practical items for their staff to wear or use on the job.


A popular item in winter months. With the right timing this promotional product can be incredibly successful.

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Whether you want to give them to employees, customers or other businesses our bags provide a professional yet practical gift or piece of gear for your own staff. Working with respected industry figure, Trade Bags we offer a range of reusable, cotton bags that are also perfect for promotional hampers and events which can be printed with your desired logo or branding.

To find out more about the range of Egyptian cotton products available from Rimo Promo, get in touch with our team on 0402 595 516 or send us a message via our online enquiry form.

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